CX Discovery Training
Learn how to stand out from competition by providing a better Customer Experience.  

1 day  | ONLINE

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Start applying CX methods.
Increase the relationship with your customers.

UX Foundation Training

A better understanding of what Customer eXperience is and why & how to improve it will allow you to 


V  To improve customer satisfaction

V  To stand out from competition 

 To decrease cost to acquisition

To improve customer retention

The CX Discovery Training by CBTW


Our Customer Experience Training seeks to equip individuals with the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes that can make them understand and apply CX methods & techniques.

a world where digital tends to be the norm, a good Customer Experience seems to be the direction to take if you want to make the difference.  

Indeed, due to the bigger offer, customers have became pickier and more critical of the products and brands they consume.

They look beyond the product or service and expect things such as personalized messages, an easily reachable customer service, fast answers & services, and so forth.   

What can you expect from the CX training?

Along with our course, you’ll learn all the essential steps you need to improve customer experience within your company. 

At the end, you will be able to operate a big variety of CX methods and techniques into practice. 

You will discover the problems more clearly, define the gap in customer needs of your products and know how to solve this.

What you will learn concretely

1 – CX aspects
The 11 aspects to know about Customer Experience.

2 – Improve CX
How to improve CX within your department

3 – How to apply CX
The different ways you
can apply 
the CX.

4 – Customer research 
How important the   customer research is.

5 – Persona & Customer journey
To build personas   & customer journey  

6 – Prototyping
Customer validation   prototyping  

7 – How to track

Tracking CX metrics

Our Training style

Learn by doing. Most of the things you’ll learn will be put into practice thanks to concrete exercices, use case and serious games. You will work on a real life use case. 

Collaboration is key! Work in team just like you would in your daily life.

Fun and collaborative. Learn with user stories, user role play and concrete use case.

Who is the training for?

  • Product Owners, Product/Project Managers and heads of digital looking to put end-user forward in product or service development.


  • Business Analysts looking for methods to define stakeholders requirements.
  • Managers, founders or anybody convinced CX can help them grow their business by designing great digital products.
Picture of our Agile Training

CX Discovery 



  • 1-day Training
  • Theory about CX and the 3 main roles
  • Different steps for a great UX process put into practice
  • 1 UX toolkit with more than 50 UX methods

Looking for an intra-company training?

We organise custom-made and in-house sessions on demand. (12 pers. max)
Only for employees of your company on your premises.
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