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Product Owner Training Session

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V  Small group – Big interactivity
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V  Trial Exam
 Practical exercices & serious games
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The Product Owner Training by CBTW

The so-called Scrum Product Owner is a training to learn how to use the incremental and flexible scrum software development methods. It is a structured, empirical and Agile working approach for teams to develop software products with minimal costs while maximizing delivered product value thus, within short iterations.

One of the key principle of Scrum approach is to recognize that in almost any project the customers’ needs can change (this is often called the “requirements churn”), and is an unpredictable issue. That’s why Scrum practitioners adopt iterative approaches and accept that the customer requirements cannot be completely understood or defined. It’s also a clever way to focus your project resources on quick delivery and on emerging requirements. 






What are the benefits of our Product Owner Training?

As a product Owner you will learn how to manage your responsabilities in a scrum team. You will build close relation with the business side of your project and boost collaboration within your team.

This certification will help you to properly use Scrum & Agile principles in order to increase the success rate of the Product you are working on. You will gain a deep understanding of the roles, the product vision, the estimates, the product backlog and other skills. You will organize and ensure getting your product out as smoothly as possible, while satisfying all the stakeholders.


  • Groups from 8 to 12 people. In English, French and Dutch.
  • Developers, Managers and Teams
  • Persons having experience or interests in project management or product development.


  • 2-day Training
  • Product Owner Exam
  • 2 Handbooks (Theory & Trial Exam)
  • Reading material Exam
  • Beverage & Lunch

Our Training style

– Our workshop and business case programs employ teaching methods which focus on the mental, physical and emotional development of participants.

– Their contents are specifically tailored to your project and training objectives and the participants.

– Our teaching methods are fun and collaborative, involving user stories, user role play, products backlog’s, and real sprint plans.


Up to 1 year to pass the Exam!

V Get your Trial Exam book

V Train as much as you want 

V Be prepared to pass the Exam

Part I

  • Understand the Scrum Flow, the core components of the Scrum framework, and the Scrum vocabulary.
  • Principles of empirical process control
  • Corporate culture Scrum creates
  • The scope of the Product Owner role in detail
  • The scope of the Scrum Master role at a high level
  • The scope of the Team role at a high level
  • and to realize why you don’t need a Project manager or a scrum product manager
  • To embrace all your project goals
  • To understand the desirable product qualities your customer needs
  • To handle out just the right balance of work
  • To link to your product roadmap
  • The different evaluation levels in Scrum
  • The accuracy of an estimate
  • The size and duration separately
  • The impact of forcing team members to provide low estimates
  • The difference between estimating and committing

Part II

  • Introduction to Product Backloging
  • Mandatory or not
  • Input into prioritization decisions
  • Product backlog multiple factors
  • Latitude to give to a team in order to adjust the sequence of their work.
  • To set goals
  • To realize that planning is adaptive, iterative, and collaborative
  • To realize why software’s should be released frequently
  • To measure velocity
  • To release burndown charts
  • To forecast the future
  • The product owner’s role in meetings
  • How the Product Owner and Development Team collaborate during the Sprint
  • What team commitment means
  • Why sprints are time boxed and protected
  • The concept of sustainable pace

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